Born in 1972 in Annecy in Haute-Savoie (France), self-taught artist, Barbara M. had a real artistic click and it was late that she discovered a passion for acrylic painting on canvas.
Indeed, since always, attracted by creation in all its forms, she found in painting a way to express herself differently and to arouse emotions in the viewer.
"The act of creating gives me a certain fullness and, each time, something difficult to qualify comes out of myself and at the same time nourishes me with positive feelings".
Unpretentious, one can modestly link her art to that of Jackson Pollock , in the sense that she works fluid painting and practices composition in "all-over" .
In this discipline, she controls the colors and the gravity, while giving pride of place to the natural movement of the material which, in the end, can hold great surprises.
For a different result each time, she tries out various techniques and sometimes uses unexpected accessories such as straw, plastic bottle bottom, paper towel, toothpick, or simply her fingers.
His secret recipe: a combination of products mixed with acrylic paint for an astonishing "chemical" reaction.
In his creations of abstract style, everyone can give free rein to their imagination , choose their interpretation and, according to their own vision, can find very varied memories and impressions .
After a time of creation in complete privacy, almost confidentiality, today she dares to submit her work to the eyes of others because as Pablo Picasso said:
"A painting only lives by whoever looks at it".